Tracking & Reporting

It does not matter if you are investing $300 per month into your digital marketing program or $300,000, knowing how many leads and sales you are getting is very important. ISEA Media implements a variety of tracking and reporting tools to empower you with the knowledge you need to make better marketing decisions.

Also, other marketing factors such as total traffic, rankings, spend, cost per conversion, and more are all important data that a customer needs to know for a variety of reasons. Without having proper tracking and reporting transparency, it leaves customers more or less clueless regarding how their digital marketing is performing, and the advertising agency not knowing what the next steps are to improve things across the board. Whether you are an e-commerce business or brick n’ mortar, we have you covered in the tracking and reporting realm.

Understand Your Marketing Results & Return On Investment

Call Tracking

We track all calls an advertiser gets with us from any marketing platform. For most businesses’ calls are an important part of their business. Call tracking provides the customer with insight into how many call leads they are getting as a result of each marketing medium being invested in. It also shows caller ID, what marketing platform the call came from, and can even record the call.

Ecommerce Sales Tracking

One of the major aspects of being a successful online store is because of being able to track all sales activity metrics. Tracking this provides the customer with knowledge regarding how much they are selling, what they are selling, what marketing campaigns are working and overall, helps to determine ROI. It provides the marketing agency with insights regarding what is working and what is not, which enables us to better optimize the marketing or the website.

To properly track metrics, we implement tracking code on your website and set up goals directly in Google Analytics. We can also track specific events that occur, which include abandon carts, promotion click through, and so much more.

Website Contact Form Tracking

It is important to know how many website contact form leads a customer is getting from their website for many reasons. First, it helps both the customer and advertising agency understand what keywords, ads, and marketing campaigns are working and which are not. Second, it helps both parties know what the cost per lead and conversion rate is exactly.

To do this, we will place code on your website and set up goals within Google Analytics. Without this knowledge, the customer will not have any insight into how their investment is performing, and the advertising agency will not be able to make the proper adjustments to the marketing as a way of improvement. Knowledge is power, and tracking your website contact forms helps provide the data we all need to make good marketing decisions based on objective transparency.

Monthly Reporting

Each month clients will receive a report outlining overall account performance for all applicable marketing mediums. This may include aspects such as total traffic, leads, sales, cost per lead, trends, next steps, and other things. The purpose of the report is to provide transparency and knowledge about your marketing program and what your overall return on investment is. For further insights, and to set marketing next steps, we also meet with clients regularly in review meetings.

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