ISEA Media, Named a Facebook Marketing Partner

ISEA Media is excited to announce that we are a part of the Facebook Marketing Partner Program (FMP). FMP for Agencies is a program designed to fuel both ours and our clients’ growth by providing us with self-serve access to time-saving tools, resources, and education. Tech companies and advertising agencies are painstakingly vetted by Facebook, not only for their Facebook Ad expertise and capabilities, but also for their solid track record of client success.

Not only does this partnership designation reflect the hard work and amazing results driven by our social team, but it also opens a whole new window of opportunity for our current clients and future prospects. Being a part of the FMP program provides our Agency with select benefits designed to help drive client success, including advertiser spend optimization recommendations, analytics reports, measurement resources, creative best practices, training, events/expos and more.  

As our social team continues to advance, we are excited to be able to bring even greater support and innovation to our clients by leveraging some of the most sophisticated partner tools available from Facebook. We look forward to our continued growth in our relationship with Facebook, along with providing excellent support and customer service to our clients.