I Want A Mobile App For My Company

So you’ve decided a mobile app is needed for your company. Mobile apps, when built right, are a fantastic way to keep your customers engaged in your business while also providing exclusive discounts and deals to app users. To take advantage of all users, one should build the app for both Google Play and Apple App IOS. Also, another aspect sometimes to need to be done in addition to the app being made.

For one thing, if you are in the services or products business, you are going to want push notifications. These are notifications sent to your app users’ phone. In them, there are coupons, discounts, contests, and other promotions that users can take advantage of. Push notifications can be sent to all users and can also be implemented to specific users within a geo-fence. A geo-fence is a pre-defined area(s) done through GPS targeting which only sends push notifications to users within that specific area.

For example, McDonald’s could send a geo-fence push notification out to their users who are driving by or near Burger King. In this specific notifications, there can be a deal that is highly incentivized to get those users over to their establishment instead. Whereas general push notifications are sent to everyone that has the app and are intended to keep people updated on the business while also providing exclusive discounts. These push notifications need to be set up and sent out through a mobile marketing system. With few exceptions, most times, you will have to build a system like this to accomplish this. Doing so will require more work and investment outside of the app itself.

Next, you will need to promote the app. You will need to get users to download your app. In most cases, word of mouth will not bring in sufficient app users. The goal here is to get downloads and then keep those users while limiting the amount of app uninstalls. You will need to perhaps put a “download our app” banner on your site that directs people to either Google Play for Apple. Next, you could have app extensions run on Google Ads. You could also send out email blasts to your opt-in customer lists. Next, you could run Facebook app campaigns as another way to get those downloads. Another idea would be to place banners inside of your establishment to get the word out about download your app. That being said, there will be a cost to market your app.

Mobile apps also take time to build, but as you can see, other aspects need to be addressed so as a whole, your app is ready. Lastly, you will need to find a company that is competent and knows what they are doing. Apps are not cheap! With few exceptions to this rule, one could expect to spend anywhere from $40,000 up to $500,000 for app development. There are many factors that contribute to costs such as e-commerce, business point systems, and other functionality that can rack up costs. Again, apps are a great tool for businesses, but there is also a substantial cost involved in getting there.