ISEA Media Celebrates 10 Years In Business

A message from our Founder/President, Jay Losagio:

Today is a special day: October 8th, 2018, marks ten years in business since I started my company, ISEA Media. Thank you to my employees (who I consider partners). I may have started this, but they are responsible for its growth. Also, thank you to our 300+ customers who entrust us with their digital marketing. Thank you to Samuel Losagio (my Father) who was my first client. Also a big thank you to my mother Jean and brother Bryan for their support.  Also, a thank you to my friends at Google. I will never forget the day you called me up to the “big leagues.” There is no book or college degree that can prepare one for starting, running, and growing a successful business. All one needs is guts, determination, innovation, intelligence, common sense, a little luck, and working harder than ever before. The biggest surprise I had in 10 years is that failure was my number 1 attribute in success. Let that sink in for a minute. Great things do not happen without greater failure. And, for all of you potential entrepreneurs out there, don’t wait, go ahead and start that business now. The worst that could happen would not be failing, but the regret of not trying. Get to it!